Troy and Abed in a Montage

I wanted to try out a new free video editor called ‘HitFilm’, so it’s time for a project! I’ll make a montage of Troy and Abed from Community (very funny show and I already have copies of the episodes) doing their end-credits fake show ‘Troy and Abed in the Morning’.

First I found out which episodes have Troy and Abed clips. I found a website with Community scripts, downloaded the scripts and searched for related clips, like this:

wget -r -l1
grep -l -i 'troy and abed' *
grep -l -i 'troy and \w+ abed' *

These commands gave me a list of episodes with key phrases like ‘Troy and Abed in the Morning’, ‘Evil Troy and Evil Abed’, ‘Troy and Abed in Stop Motion’, ‘Troy and Abed and Annie’, etc…

Then I used HitFilm to edit together the clips. I’d say HitFilm is both easier to use and more powerful than Lightworks. HitFilm is both a non-linear editor and a compositor for effects. Lightworks might be faster for a power user to use with better keyboard shortcuts for jumping to keyframes and tweaking video and audio. Watch the result here:

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