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The Big Traverse
26 August 2017

I’ve issued a challenge to all the great people at Island Rock Climbing Gym

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Many security cameras export video in a proprietary format called DAV which is difficult to work with. I wrote this program to convert DAV videos into standard MP4 video.

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Dave doesn’t think any of my jokes are funny. I keep trying but he always says the same thing, “That’s not funny”. So like all repetitive processes, I automated it. This page scrapes jokes from Reddit/r/Jokes and presents them here as texts to Dave.

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To try out the free video editor ‘HitFilm’ I made this montage of the fake show ‘Troy and Abed in the Morning’ from the show Community.

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Over Christmas at a cousin’s house we played a fun card game. I wanted wanted to play it at home so with 5 minutes in Excel I made a printable version of it.

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My previous post was about a Python program to calculate the moves to guarantee a win in the puzzle word game ‘Ghost’. The algorithm was naturally recursive and felt ‘LISPy’. @pdlug has been telling me how writing in Clojure will expand my mind, make me more productive and hem my pants so this week I learned just enough Clojure (I already knew LISP) to re-write the Ghost game solver in Clojure.

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clojure games puzzles programming

My son showed me a new word game, ‘Ghost’, and I wrote a Python program to “solve” the game and find all winning sequences.

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python games puzzles programming

I was presented with a hard drive encrypted with TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt is unbreakable. Was there anything I could do? (tl;dr: yes)

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Video from a rock climbing trip to Amatitlan, Guatemala…

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Recently I had to do a forensic acquisition of an iMac hard drive, and it presented many obstacles.

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