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Dave doesn’t think any of my jokes are funny. I keep trying but he always says the same thing, “That’s not funny”. So like all repetitive processes, I automated it. This page scrapes jokes from Reddit/r/Jokes and presents them here as texts to Dave. I put a ‘Load more jokes…’ button at the bottom so you could see the true hopelessness of trying to tell jokes to Dave. I had an infinite scroll, but that got in the way of the Disqus forum at the bottom. ... Read More
My previous post was about a Python program to calculate the moves to guarantee a win in the puzzle word game ‘Ghost’. The algorithm was naturally recursive and felt ‘LISPy’. @pdlug has been telling me how writing in Clojure will expand my mind, make me more productive and hem my pants so this week I learned just enough Clojure (I already knew LISP) to re-write the Ghost game solver in Clojure. ... Read More
The other day my son showed me a new word game, ‘Ghost’. We took turns adding a letter to a growing word fragment, trying not to be the one to complete a valid word. Each fragment must be the beginning of an actual word and there is a minimum of 4 letters to count as a complete word. The player who completes a word loses the round. For example one of our rounds went like this: ... Read More

I was presented with a hard drive encrypted with TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt is unbreakable. Was there anything I could do? (tl;dr: yes)

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Recently I had to do a forensic acquisition of an iMac hard drive, and it presented many obstacles. The three basic ways to do an acquisition are: 1) Remove the hard drive and use high speed dedicated imaging hardware such as a Logicube, or from a forensic workstation through a write-blocker. 2) Boot the computer using a forensically sound Linux distro, such as Helix, and acquire the internal hard drive using a software tool such as dcfldd or LinEn to an external hard drive or over the network to a server set up for this purpose. ... Read More
I have an old Dell Inspiron 8600 I wanted to upgrade to Windows 7. The problem was that there is no current video driver for the Inspiron’s Nvidia Geforce FX Go5200 video chip. Even the driver Dell is offering for download for Windows XP is the wrong one and causes all sorts of problems. There simply is no driver for Windows 7. So I searched on NVIDIA to see what drivers might be close. ... Read More

I have compiled a Unison 2.40.61 binary (file-syncronization tool) for Nexenta (Solaris/Linux hybrid OS with ZFS) and made it available for download here.

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With today’s announcement of Oracle Solaris Express 11 our choices for running a ZFS capable Operating System just got even more confusing. I wasn’t able to find a list of the build numbers these Operating Systems are based on all in one place, so I’m going to keep a chart of the choices here, and if readers will contribute in the comments I will keep the chart updated. The build number gives you a good idea of how recent the ZFS feature set is. ... Read More